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  • 6 x TIMES NATIONAL CHAMPION TEAM -2011,10,08,07,06,05
  • Jiu-Jitsu Academy ESTABLISHED in 1996
  • CPR Certified Instructors and staff by American Heart Association
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Rodrigo Medeiros Jiu-Jitsu Experience

In 1993 Rodrigo opened his first Academy (Nova Geração) as an instructor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a affiliation of Carlson Gracie's Academy. He ran the Academy in Rio until 1996 when he moved to Los Angeles, California. Carlson Gracie invited Rodrigo to be part of the new and potential moment of Jiu-Jitsu in North America. After working for 3 years with Carlson Gracie in Los Angeles, Rodrigo opened his Academy in La Habra on his own. During this time he formed a new team and many Champions with high level of instruction to competitors as well as students.

In 2000 he moved to San Diego and opened his second Academy in the United States. He has been teaching at the same place, Pacific Beach Fight Center, ever since. He built a very strong and competitor team within these years, and formed more than 30 black belts (Brazil, USA and Europe), more than 200 National Champions, 100 PanAm's Champions, and several World Champions Students.

Also in 2000 Rodrigo along Julio Fernandes(Foca) founded their own team called Revolution Team, including Academies and students within the USA and Europe. They have created one of the most though competitor team. Revolution Team own the Nationals in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

In 2012 Rodrigo was invited to be the martial arts program leader of Epic MMA in Hong Kong (www.epicmma.com).


Certificates and Awards

Certificates and Awards

Rodrigo Medeiros Black Belts


  • John Ouano, 5th Degree
  • Richard Collavin, 5th Degree
  • Mike Vives, 5th Degree
  • Javier Vasquez 5th Degree
  • Arthur Ruff 5th Degree
  • Marcus Kiko Cacella 5th Degree
  • Johnny Ramirez , 5th Degree 
  • Tim Credeur, 4th Degree 
  • Cris Wolford, 4th Degree 
  • Stefano Aguiar, 4th Degree 
  • Romi Aran, 4th Degree 
  • Anthony Pacensky, 4th Degree 
  • Demetrius Ramos, 4th Degree 
  • Samuel Puccio, 4th Degree 
  • Kevin Fialco, 4th Degree 
  • Jeff Thomas, 4th Degree 
  • Alfredo Barum, 4th Degree 
  • Joel Tudor, 4th Degree  
  • Chris Kelbaugh, 4th Degree  
  • Jeff Messina, 4th Degree 
  • Mike Power, 3rd Degree 
  • Gisele Braga, 3rd Degree 
  • Antonios Kapadoukakis, 3rd Degree 
  • Clark Gracie, 3rd Degree 
  • Rafael Dallinha, 3rd Degree 
  • Marcos Moreira, 3rd Degree 
  • Vasa Mik, 3rd Degree 
  • John Sanders, 3rd Degree 
  • Volf Kozlowski, 3rd Degree 
  • Andrej Kukric, 3rd Degree 
  • James Quan, 3rd Degree 
  • Andy Ryan, 3rd Degree 
  • Rafael Costa, 3rd Degree 
  • Paul Silva, 3rd Degree 
  • Emily Wetzel, 3rd Degree 
  • Jimmy Kimble, 3rd Degree 
  • Ricardo Bufarra, 3rd Degree 
  • Dan Shon, 3rd Degree 
  • Karim Rafaat, 3rd Degree 
  • Fergal Quinlan, 3rd Degree 
  • Jason Selva , 3rd Degree 
  • Dylan Dearborn 3rd Degree 
  • Phill Moore 3rd Degree 
  • Brandon Magana 3rd Degree 
  • Francis Keller 3rd Degree 
  • Corey Hawkins 3rd Degree 
  • Gregory Bryson, 2nd Degree 
  • Leonardo Filípic, 2nd Degree
  • Joze Lopez, 2nd Degree 
  • Shawn Eichelberger, 2nd Degree
  • Colin Smith, 2nd Degree 
  • Gustavo Barroso, 2nd Degree 
  • Paul Shuttle, 2nd Degree 
  • Tyler Vanosdell, 2nd Degree 
  • Maurício Taxman, 2nd Degree 
  • Gerry Eberts, 2nd Degree 
  • Júlio Cruz, 2nd Degree 
  • Tommy Mosley, 2nd Degree 
  • Robert Philips, 2nd Degree 
  • Dom Hoskins 3rd Degree 
  • Travis Fago 3rd Degree 
  • Gabriel Moraes, 2nd Degree 
  • Leo Ramos, 2nd Degree 
  • Leonardo Martins, 2nd Degree  
  • Pat Artukovich, 2nd Degree 
  • Guilherme Pecego, 1st Degree 
  • Guilherme Almeida, 1st Degree 
  • Mike Turk, 1st Degree 
  • Devin Cornell, 1st Degree 
  • Donnie Baltazar 1st Degree 
  • Collin Duffy 1st Degree 
  • Terrence Mooney 1st Degree 
  • Micah Anderson
  • Chris Barawed 
  • Nick Zanoni 
  • Austin Palin 
  • Ken Thomas 
  • John Lee 
  • Pat Dinneen  
  • Govi Hogan 


  • Jin Su
  • Alex Lin
  • Eric So
  • Henry Ng

 Honorables Black belts [IN MEMORY]
Caio Santos
Gilbert frank sr
Bruno da Matta
Luiz Octávio GUINLE
Hélder Menezes
Cadu Villela 
Mike Norby


Prof Rodrigo Medeiros is the only person in San diego, that learned and got graduated directly from GM Carlson Gracie , eldest son of the BJJ Founder GM Carlos Gracie .

Mission Statement

BJJ Revolution will strive to provide the highest quality of martial arts training and support to all of its associates and academies. We shall remain focused and dedicated to offering communities, worldwide, the opportunity to learn, grow and pursue the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self-Defense in a safe, fun and professional environment that is in keeping with the philosophies, techniques and traditions of the Carlson Gracie lineage. The association will conduct business in a way that is responsible and responsive to the needs, goals, and desires of our members in continuous efforts of achieving excellence.