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BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM Certified Instructor

The kind of relationship we strive to have with our BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM Certified Instructors is one based on mutual respect, transparency, honesty, support, patience and trust and the evolving purpose of our business, our business strategies, and what we are trying to accomplish are linked to long-term excellence.
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Pacific Beach Jiujitsu Center Instructors

The BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM Certified Instructor have achieved the “Instructor status” and have met all instructor's standards of teaching; code of conduct; knowledge, skills, attitude and qualifications required being an Official BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR and therefore authorized to represent the BJJ Revolution Team and the values that we stand for: honesty, loyalty and truth.

Rodrigo Medeiros

Rodrigo was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He started training in Judo when he was 5 years old and  at 12 years old he started training in Jiu-Jitsu, with Grand master Carlson Gracie when he was promoted to the Black belt in 1996 . Rodrigo is current a 6th degree Black belt under IBJJF/USBJJF rules and regulations .

Rodrigo has competed in over 120 different Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and almost 500 competition matches , most under IBJJF and USBJJF federation. 

Rodrigo was Brazilian champion five times, from 1991-1995 ,US National Champion , 4 times US Open Champion ,  5 times pan American champion , Asian Champion and 2 times World Master Champion.

He is also a member of Carlson's elite team. The famous team that rule the sport in competition level for 2 decades in Brasil [80s/90s] .He has been raised with some of the top names of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu history .

Rodrigo is been teaching the art of JiuJitsu , since 1992 , teaching all over the world , and had BJJ Schools in Rio {Brasil] , Los Angeles [CA] , Hong Kong [China] and for the last 22 years in San diego ,CA.

" What i can say is that the enthusiasm that makes me to put the Gi on to train and teach for the last 4 decades , is to always to place my mindset as a student mode . I Genuinely believe that the beauty of BJJ is the continuous learning process , a journey that never ends , it is infinity . Mats are your classroom so be a student forever . My academy is a temple that brings positive energy for people lives .BJJ is a Lifestyle that makes our community  a better place to live and we offer programs that  builds  in our members discipline ,respect , self- stem, right atitudes and thats the reason that we being in business , at the heart of pacific beach , for over 20 years . KEEP CALM and TRUST JIUJITSU !

Here are some titles won by Rodrigo Medeiros

· 5 Times Gold Medalist in Pan-American Tournaments (96/2003/2004/2016)[IBJJF]
· 3 times Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion (93/94/95)[CBJJF]
· Champion of US Open (96/97/98/99)[USBJJF]
· International USA Champion (98/99/00)[USFBJJ]
· Skirmish Grappling Champion Middle Weight and Absolute (98)
· 4 times Rio de Janeiro State Champion (92/93/95/00)[FJJERJ]]
· Medal Bronze in The Abudhabi World Tournament (98)[ADCC]
· 1st Place World Master Championship 2001 [IBJJF]
· Atlantico Sul Cup Champion (90/91/92/93/94)
· Bronze Medal Pan-American 2005 [IBJJF]
· Bronze Medal Pan-American 2006 [IBJJF]
· Silver Medal WORLDS MASTERS 2015 [IBJJF]
· Silver Medal WORLDS MASTERS 2016 [IBJJF]
· Gold Medal Pan-American 2017 [IBJJF]
· 2017 World Master Light Champion [IBJJF]
· 3rd Place Open Weight 2017 World Master [IBJJF]
· 5 x Champion PAN AM 96-2003-2004 -2016-2017
· Bronze Medal World master 2018 [Light]

.Silver Medal World master 2019 [Light]


Chris “COWBOY” Kelbaugh got his first introduction to martial arts at an early age. His father, being a former Green Beret and LAPD SWAT member instilled in him the strong importance of self defence. He first got his start by learning wrestling, boxing and self defense from his father. He then wrestled briefly in school but eventually gravitated more towards formal self defense and kickboxing.

Moving to San Diego, Chris continued his formal training in self defense at Arena Martial Arts in San Diego taught by the Cepeda Brothers BlackBelt, Richard Scott. There he learned full contact Kenpo and Muay Thai kickboxing. He trained and competed for them for over 3 years. With the beginning growth of MMA and wanting to expand his knowledge further, Chris decided to get back to his original core of grappling and was first introduced to the great art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by, Arthur Ruff (currently a Blackbelt under Rodrigo Medeiros). Arthur had joined forces with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend, Rodrigo Medeiros (Carlson Gracie Team 4 degree Blackbelt) and Chris quickly followed to remain under Rodrigo and the Carlson Gracie lineage.

Rodrigo had newly founded BJJ Revolution Team and seeing Chris had a love for competition, gave him the nickname “COWBOY” and took him under his wings. Under the guidance of Rodrigo, Cowboy competed in and excelled by medaling in more than 30+ Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments. He is a former 3X American Nationals Champion, 2X CA State Champion, AZ State Champion & competed in the esteemed World Championships both in Brazil and the USA. This helped him earn the title 2yrs in a row as “Competitor of the Year” from Rodrigo & BJJ Revolution Team. Chris eventually earned his Blackbelt directly from Rodrigo Medeiros in 2008 and is now a BJJ Revolution Team certified 1st degree Blackbelt Instructor.

Chris credits his success in BJJ to his instructor and mentor, Rodrigo Medeiros, his dedicated training partners, God and family. Since the very beginning of BJJ Revolution Team, Cowboy has helped assist Rodrigo with teaching in both BJJ and Self Defense for many years. Cowboy continues to be heavily involved in teaching and mentoring many of todays BJJ Revolution champions at the Pacific Beach headquarters. He strives to share all of his knowledge in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with his students and teammates so that everyone can improve not only in jiu jitsu but in life!

Donnie Baltazar

Donnie Baltazar earned his black belt from Rodrigo Medeiros in 2019. He trains and teaches fundamentals, weapons defense, and women's self defense classes at Pacific Beach Fight Center in San Diego, CA.

Donnie is a United States Marine Corps veteran and black belt Martial Arts Instructor Trainer in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

Mike Turk

I started training Brazilian jiu jitsu when I was in high school and I earned my black belt in 2018. When it comes to training I like gi and no gi, playing guard, and submissions from side control.

Austin Palin

I Started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2010 while in grad school, and while recovering from a knee injury. I have competed a handful of times at each belt level. My most recent accomplishment was winning gold at the IBJJF BJJ Pro in 2017 at purple belt (master 1). I enjoy the physical and mental challenge of training, but most of all, having fun!