Jiu-Jitsu Instructors


Chris “COWBOY” Kelbaugh got his first introduction to martial arts at an early age. His father, being a former Green Beret and LAPD SWAT member instilled in him the strong importance of self defence. He first got his start by learning wrestling, boxing and self defense from his father. He then wrestled briefly in school but eventually gravitated more towards formal self defense and kickboxing.

Moving to San Diego, Chris continued his formal training in self defense at Arena Martial Arts in San Diego taught by the Cepeda Brothers BlackBelt, Richard Scott. There he learned full contact Kenpo and Muay Thai kickboxing. He trained and competed for them for over 3 years. With the beginning growth of MMA and wanting to expand his knowledge further, Chris decided to get back to his original core of grappling and was first introduced to the great art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by, Arthur Ruff (currently a Blackbelt under Rodrigo Medeiros). Arthur had joined forces with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend, Rodrigo Medeiros (Carlson Gracie Team 4 degree Blackbelt) and Chris quickly followed to remain under Rodrigo and the Carlson Gracie lineage.

cowboy n rodRodrigo had newly founded BJJ Revolution Team and seeing Chris had a love for competition, gave him the nickname “COWBOY” and took him under his wings. Under the guidance of Rodrigo, Cowboy competed in and excelled by medaling in more than 30+ Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments. He is a former 3X American Nationals Champion, 2X CA State Champion, AZ State Champion & competed in the esteemed World Championships both in Brazil and the USA. This helped him earn the title 2yrs in a row as “Competitor of the Year” from Rodrigo & BJJ Revolution Team. Chris eventually earned his Blackbelt directly from Rodrigo Medeiros in 2008 and is now a BJJ Revolution Team certified 1st degree Blackbelt Instructor.

Chris credits his success in BJJ to his instructor and mentor, Rodrigo Medeiros, his dedicated training partners, God and family. Since the very beginning of BJJ Revolution Team, Cowboy has helped assist Rodrigo with teaching in both BJJ and Self Defense for many years. Cowboy continues to be heavily involved in teaching and mentoring many of todays BJJ Revolution champions at the Pacific Beach headquarters. He strives to share all of his knowledge in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with his students and teammates so that everyone can improve not only in jiu jitsu but in life!

· 2009 American National Championship – SILVER (Black)

· 2008 AWARDED BLACK BELT (Rodrigo Medeiros) – SEPTEMBER

· 2008 American National Championship – GOLD (Brown)

· 2008 World Championship – COMPETITOR (Brown)

· 2008 Pan American – COMPETITOR (Brown)

· 2007 American National Championship – BRONZE (Brown)

· 2007 Pan American – COMPETITOR (Brown)

· 2007 Carlson Gracie Memorial – SILVER (Brown)

· 2006 California Classic International – GOLD (Brown)

· 2006 American National Championship – GOLD & SILVER MEDAL (Brown)

· 2005 American National Championship – GOLD MEDAL (Purple)

· 2005 San Diego Open Championship – SILVER MEDAL (Purple)

· 2005 VIII Copa Pacifica De Jiu Jitsu – GOLD MEDAL (Purple)

· 2004 Mundial / World Championship (Brazil) – COMPETITOR (Purple)

· 2004 III So Cal Summer Open Championship – GOLD MEDAL (Purple)

· 2003 Cleber Luciano Friendship Tournament – SILVER MEDAL (Purple)

· 2003 Pan American – COMPETITOR (Purple)

· 2002 United Gracie Tournament – BRONZE MEDAL (Blue)

· 2002 California State Championship – GOLD MEDAL (Blue)

· 2002 Arizona State Championship – GOLD MEDAL (Blue)

· 2002 1 So Cal Summer Open Championship – SILVER MEDAL (Blue)

· 2001 V Copa Pacifica De Jiu Jitsu – SILVER MEDAL (Blue)

· 2001 California State Championship – SILVER MEDAL (Blue)

· 2001 Mat Madness Submission Tournament – SILVER MEDAL

· 2001 American International Championship – SILVER MEDAL

· 2001 American International Championship (Open) – SILVER MEDAL

· 2000 Mat Madness Submission Tournament – SILVER MEDAL

· 2000 California State Championship – BRONZE MEDAL

· 1999 Mat Madness Submission Tournament – SILVER MEDAL

Awards & Recognition

· Recognized 1st DEGREE BLACK BELT Instructor for Rodrigo Medeiros – BJJ Revolution Team

· BJJ Revolution Team – 2 X Competitor of the Year Award

· “Top Fighter” – Abu Dhabi Combat Club News

· Former Kickboxing and Self Defense Instructor – Arena Martial Arts

· Women’s Self Defense Instructor

Training Experience with Professional MMA Fighters

Murilo Bustamante, Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira, Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, Tim Credeur, Javier Vasquez, Rani Yahra, Gabriel Rudieger



Richard Collavin

Richard Colavin Sr. is a third degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Rodrigo Medeiros. He began training jiu-jitsu in 1993 at the age of 52 after a lifetime of athletic pursuits that included competitive boxing and a gold medal in the SDSU all campus boxing championships (Fight Night), fifteen years of competitive rugby for San Diego State University and The Old Mission Athletic Club (OMBAC), a dozen medals in mountain biking and bicycle road-racing at the California Police Olympics and participation on flag-football teams that won several San Diego City Flag League championships. He played competitive basketball in a variety of San Diego City leagues until fifty years of age when his doctor informed him that his knees would no longer allow him to run. After viewing the first Ultimate Fighting Championship, won by Royce Gracie, Richard decided that he had to learn more about the phenomenon called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He started training with Nelson Monteiro in Del Mar in 1993, and subsequently trained under Fabio Santos, from whom he received his blue-belt, and Carlos Valente, from whom he received his purple-belt.

In 1998 Richard began learning under Carlson Gracie black-belt, Rodrigo Medeiros, and since then has had the opportunity to train with some of the best competitors in the world. He gives thanks to John Ouano, Arthur Ruff, Stefano Aguilar, Kevin Fialko, Geraldo Costa (Kid Peligro) and all of the other students and training partners who have pushed him to learn and continue to develop and learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

After receiving his black-belt in November of 2002 Richard began teaching students for the BJJ Revolution Team in Pacific Beach. He has been an instructor there since that time and has had a hand in teaching a number of students who have won a variety of BJJ tournaments, including The Mundial (Worlds) as well as multiple U.S. Nationals, The Pan-Am Games and others. He is committed to giving back to the sport that he loves and to give every student all of the skills necessary to achieve their goals.



Volf Kozlowski

Professor Volf kozlowski is a seasoned 2nd degree black belt who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and his classes are a mixture of old school with modern/competitive brazilian jiu jitsu.

He earned his blue and purple belts from master Charles Gracie and brown and black belts from professor Rodrigo Medeiros.

Some tournament results include:

– IBJJF American Nationals silver medalist
– 2X Grapplers Quest champion and 1X silver medalist
– 2X United Gracie champion on weight and absolute division
– Copa Pacifica champion
– Fabio Santos Open champion



Dominique (Dom) Hoskins

I’m Dominique (Dom) Hoskins and I started training and competing in 2006 for Cesar Gracie Fight Team, receiving my blue belt from Cesar Brown Belt Jon Santos in 2009. After moving to Southern California to finish college, I settled in San Diego in 2011 and began training under Rodrigo Medeiros and BJJ Revolution Team.  I have remained an active competitor over the years, and began teaching in 2012. I now run a very successful morning program of my own as one of the head instructors under Rodrigo at PB Fight Center (BJJ Revolution Headquarters) in Pacific Beach and continue to compete at the highest level.

Key Achievements:

2015 Inaugural Newaza Challenge Invitee (One of 16)
2015 SubCon Superfight Competitor
2015 IBJJF San Francisco Open – Gold
2014 Featured athlete for Grapplers’ Planet
2014 IBJJF Las Vegas Summer Open – Bronze
2014 EPIC Fighting 25 Grappling Superfight Winner
2013 Inaugural FIVE Grappling California Invitational Invitee (One of 8)
2013 IBJJF American Nationals – Bronze (Heavyweight)
2013 IBJJF Las Vegas Summer Open – Bronze
2013 IBJJF Las Vegas Spring Open – Bronze
2014 Kurt Osiander’s KO Finisher (Submission Only) – Gold
2014 Gracie Nationals – Bronze
2013 Abu Dhabi Pro San Diego Trials – Bronze in weight; Bronze in absolute
2012 IBJJF No-Gi World Championships quarterfinalist
2012 IBJJF World Championships – Bronze (beat world’s top-ranked fighter Rehan Muttalib; injured in semis)
2012 Abu Dhabi Pro San Diego Trial – Bronze in weight, bronze in absolute
2010 IBJJF World Championships – quarterfinalist
2010 IBJJF Las Vegas Open – Silver
2010 IBJJF American Nationals – Bronze

Other Achievements:

2015 Carlson Gracie Temecula Tournament – Gold
2015 Tap Cancer Out Tournament – Silver in weight; Bronze in Absolute; (No-gi) Silver in weight

2014 Received Brown Belt
2014 Baja State Championships (Tijuana, MX) – Gold in weight; Gold in absolute
2014 Dream Baddest Purple Submission Only- Bronze

2013 NAGA San Diego – Bronze
2013 American Cup – Bronze
2013 Baja Winter Classic (Tijuana) – Gold in weight; Gold in absolute

2012 received purple belt
2012 Grappling X – Bronze in weight
2012 Baja Winter Classic – Gold in weight, gold in Absolute (open weight), (No-gi) gold in weight, gold in absolute

2011 was a non-competitive year as I was transitioning to moving/living in SD

2010 Team Santos No-Gi Invitational – Silver in weight
2010 Fabricio Werdum Combat Team Tournament – Gold in weight, Gold in Absolute
2010 Tinguinha In-House Tourney – Silver in weight
2010 Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear Tournament – Silver in weight
2010 Fight Forum Friendship Tournament – Gold in weight; Gold in Absolute

2009 was a mostly non-competitive year BJJ year as I was transitioning from the Bay to LA
2009 Lodi In-House Tournament; (Gi) Gold in weight, Gold in absolute; (No-Gi) Gold in weight; Silver in absolute
2009 received blue belt

2008 Gracie Open –Bronze in weight, Gold in absolute
2008 U.S. Open – Top 8
2008 Gracie Invitational – Gold in weight; Silver in absolute
2008 Bay Area Open – (Gi) Gold in weight, Bronze in absolute, (No-Gi) Gold in Weight, Gold in Absolute

2007 Gracie Open – Silver in weight
2007 Jiu Jitsu by the Bay – Gold in weight

2006 Gracie Open – Bronze in weight